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About Genesis Associates, LLC

Our Company

Genesis Associates, LLC's primary business is to provide low-cost, high-quality testing of Integrated Circuits and Transistors for the commercial market. Founded in 1986 as Genesis Associates, the company expanded to become Genesis Associates LLC in 1995.

Based in the U.S. for the past 25 years, we have been in a unique position of being able to offer low-cost, high-volume production test in our Santa Clara, California facility. Our production test services are always performed in the U.S. and are never outsourced, which ensures consistent highest quality and fast service.

Management Bios

Stephen Nelson, President and CEO

In 1995, Steve founded Genesis Associates LLC. During this time Genesis Associates has become a leader in production testing of a wide variety of circuits for the semiconductor industry.

Steve has worked more than 30 years in the semiconductor industry developing test methodologies and programs and holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from Northwestern Polytechnic University.

Prior to founding Genesis Associates, LLC, Steve served as Test Engineering and Production Manager at Topaz Semiconductor in San Jose, California where he developed high voltage testing capability.

Prior to his work at Topaz Semiconductor, he served as Test Engineering and Production Manager at Telmos Semiconductor in Santa Clara, California where he pioneered the development of high voltage Integrated Circuit testing. He also developed methodologies for testing Mixed Signal ASIC’s and high speed analog/digital devices.

Before working at Telmos, Steve worked as Test Engineering and Production Manager at Eurosil GMBH in Munich, Germany and Eurosil Inc. in Santa Clara, California. During his 7 years with Eurosil in Germany and his 3 years with Eurosil in California, Eurosil became the world leader in watch and clock circuits. He developed high speed test methods for motor-driven watch and clock circuits as well as automatic test program generation for a variety of complex programmable watch circuits.