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Products and Services

Test Capability

  • Mixed Signal
  • Precision References
  • Very Low leakage devices
  • We have two dark rooms for extremely sensitive devices
  • Linear and Switching Regulators
  • Optical Sensors and encoders
  • Discreet devices

Optional and Free Services

  • Wafer mapping at no extra charge upon request.
  • 24/7 access to your data from our dedicated FTP site.
  • Hot testing at the wafer level is available.
  • Low engineering charges — it is very easy to get started with prototypes and then production.

Test Systems

  • We use Genesis Test System exclusively.
  • The Gen1000 for Larger and Mixed Signal devices.
  • The well known TREG system for simpler devices.


We use fully automatic probers with up to 8” capability. We can test your die in any order and in such a way that only possible good die are ever probed. In this way, the percentage yield reported is based on actual die (No edge die or Test Patterns).


We have the capability of handling 0.15” and 0.3” SOIC devices as well as .3” and .6” DIPs.

Test Data

We supply complete data logs which include:

  1. Full read and record data for each test.
  2. Binning summary for each wafer
  3. Binning analysis summary for the lot.
  4. A file containing read and record data for the entire lot.
  5. Data can be analyzed per wafer and per lot.

Data logs are already in the correct format for evaluation by your spreadsheet program. In addition, we have software tools designed to make full use of the data we supply. With this software, you may never need to use a spreadsheet program on our data.